Dear lovers of Whatsapp now you can participate in kbc jio whatsapp winner 2020 without of any registration. Similarly whatsapp is connected to kbc lucky draw and jio lucky draw online. Your WhatsApp number is also included in this kbc whatsapp winner list 2020 lucky draw and you can be lucky winner of this month. So keep connected with kbc whatsapp lucky draw. Beware from whatsapp fake lottery sms/calls because these fake calls are coming from Pakistan.

KBC WhatsApp Head Office Number 0019188444459.

How do i win Jio KBC Lucky Draw?

Dear whatsapp user now you can win jio 25 lakh lottery by using whatsapp please follow the some instruction below:

  • Just install whatsapp app in your mobile phone if you don’t have already install.
  • Send sms ( lottery ) to the jio kbc head office whatsapp number 0019188444474.
  • keep visiting kbc official website to check kbc winner list and about latest updates.

Jio WhatsApp lucky draw 2020 is connected to all India sim cards and also with all WhatsApp Numbers. So keep visiting this kbc official website for latest kbc jio whatsapp winner updates.

How to get Participate in KBC Jio Lucky Draw 2020?

Dear User of whatsapp now you could be a part of kbc whatsapp lottery winner draw by using some whatsapp winner 2020 easy steps. So first of all if you don’t have install whatsapp please instal whatsapp on your mobile phone. When you will install your whatsapp number will automatically send to kbc lucky draw. So every whatsapp get 2 chances in a month to win whatsapp lottery. Finally you could be kbc lottery winner in this month without of any registration. Dear fans of kbc jio whatsapp lucky draw now you may take part in this lucky draw without any registration. Now you simply instal whatsapp on your mobile phone and you will get chance to win 25 lakh lottery in jio kbc lucky draw without any extra charges. Because kbc held a lucky draw on whatsapp in India each month of 1th and on 30th.

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KBC WhatsApp Winner List of 01 March 2020

Here we are showing the full kbc whatsapp winner list of 01 March 2020:

  • Mr. Ismail Azri lottery winner of 25 lakhs Winning date 01 March 2020 City Mumbai.
  • Mr. Arjun Kumar Lottery Winner of 25 lakh winning date 01 March 2020 City Mumbai.
  • Akash Verma Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs Winning date 01 March 2020.
  • Ms. Ranjeet Kaur Lottery Winner of 10 Lakhs Winning Date 01 March 2020 City Kolkata.
  • Ms. Kirti Singh Lottery Winner of 10 lakhs winning date 01 March 2020 City Delhi.

For more information about kbc whatsapp winners please call us on kbc whatsapp head office number which is 0019188444454